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Late  Enrollment  Penalty ?

     Typically, Part A comes without a premium, that is if you
     have worked more than 40 quarters. However, those who
     choose not to enroll into Medicare Part B, or Part D, when
     First Eligible, will face a Late Enrollment Penalty.

     You are first-eligible to enroll into Medicare (3) months
     prior to your 65th Birthday. Generally you are late, if you
     wait more than (3) months past your 65th Birthday unless
     you have another coverage, such as from your employer.

     If you turn 65 while covered under an employer group-plan,
     you may disenroll from it and enroll into Medicare, but you
     may loose the opportunity, to re-enroll back into that Plan.
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  Medicare Supplement Plans are design to cover 
  some of the out-of-pocket expenses that Original 
  Medicare doesn't cover, including premiums, 
  deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance.
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  Help choosing a Medicare Plan or Prescription Plan

  Need help choosing a Medicare Plan? Our Medicare Advisors will take the time to
  explain how Medicare Plans work, and answer your questions.  We compare Plan
  options (side-by-side) and that makes it easy to find a plan that fits your needs.

  The "Best Plan" is the one that best-fits your particular situation,  meaning; it will
  include your primary-care physician in their network and any current medications
  and the pharmacy and the hospital should all be in-network to be a "good-match".

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