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Affordable Life Insurance

A Life Policy is more than just money left behind, in fact
many policies also have 'Living Benefits' such as;
nursing-care, hospital confinement, hospice care,
and even cash-withdrawls, if needed...

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 Term Coverage -  is a good insurance-strategy, depending on the duration
                                       of purpose. It offers the maximum coverage amounts
                                       for the lesser premium, over a specified length of time.

 Final Expense - a good-strategy for persons middle aged and beyond
                                   to cover someone's memorial expenses. Typically used
                                   as a stand-alone plan, or in addition to other life policies.

                                   for instances, in addition to an Employer's Benefit Plan.

Whole Life -   is also a good-strategy to a build long term asset, as it
                                    continues to grow in "cash-value"over time. Withdrawls
                                    are available, if needed. 
Some Term Policies can convert
                                           to a Whole Life policy, generally, at the end of the term.
 Annuity -  an excellent alternative to stocks, during times of
                      stock market volatility, which pays a flat interest rate,
                      regardless of how the indexes are performing.
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If you knew: Tomorrow was your last day,
what would you do different Today?
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Final Expense Plan

Candle of Life
          Generational Wealth ?

What are we really leaving behind for the next Generation?
A Lump-sum Cash-Asset is an effective financial strategy
to change the playing-field for the Next Generation. 
It is our responsibility and we have the capability.

Are Your Financial Documents in order?

 Bank statements, Mortgage, Insurance, Gvt Benefits,
 Loans, Trusts, Credit Cards, Safety Deposit,  Debts,
 Real Estate Investments, Stocks, Bonds, etc..
    1. Add up the cost that you reasonably estimate, to cover
    all your expenses and provide income to your family.
    2. Now, subtract the funds that you already have set-aside.
  3. To cover the remaining amount, consider an Life Policy
      to help fill the gap, between what you have, and need.

If you could go back to about 25 years old,
with around a quarter of a million dollars,
imagine how your life would be different.

Now, we can't do that for you..
but we can do it for your next generation.
You can leave a Legacy.. and we can help.