Insurance Quotes
     Oversees Appointments, Fiduciaries, Investments,
     Federal Regulation Compliance Guidance

     Chief Executive Officer and Licensee - responsible for  Licensure,   
Certifications, and Appointments, Legalities, Compliance Issues,
     and Policies Implementation.

    Oversees Daily Operations, monitors Production,
    core-vale adherance, supports team objectives

     Senior Sales Officer - responsible for evaluating productivity, 
recruiting, training and supporting daily operations, oversees
     budgetary restraints and profitability objectives.

   Oversee Marketing & Advertising, Media communications,
   Outreach Programs, and Community Development

    Senior Marketing Officer - responsible for research and   
development of a cohesive strategy to increase brand
    awareness and build lasting community relationships.

      Oversees Financial Operations, assess financial
   risks, track objectives, goals, and sets budgets.

    Senior Financial Officer - responsible for managing daily
    financial transactions, commissions, tracking cash flow,
    analyze accounting data, and prepare financial reports.

Senior Broker  (Chairman )
Sales Manager
 Marketing Officer
 Finance Officer
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PROTECTING: seniors, families and small businesses with strategic insurance planning.
Our Goal is become a trusted resource in the community that has insurance questions,
or needs help finding a plan and enrolling into a health plan or life insurance coverage.

Find us on
Downtown Cleveland

"when you sit-down with an insurance professional, the insight that you gain and the overall
purchase experience is far different, than you going to a webpage and doing it by yourself."

We have Licensed Brokers who complete annual certifications and cont ed. requirements,
 which makes a HUGE difference, when you want to find the best plan for your situation.

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Our organization provides the community with access to State Healthcare Plans and lump-sum Supplement Plans (to protect against most critical illnesses) and Term or Whole-Life Insurance Policies that helps to create generational wealth.

We represent insurance products from some of the nations Top Rated Insurers, all under one roof..  and we provide clients with their own Personal-Broker, that they can call, when they need to speak with a person, not go to a website.

"Sometimes being a good-company
just isn't good enough...

and often times the difference
between a good one and a Great One
is their Customer Service."

available 6 days a week!
Protecting  What  Matters  Most
Life, Health & Finances